Cocktail Shaker
Slushie Machine Hire
DELIVERY ONLYSlushie Machine, Granita Machine Cocktail Machine.Includes:- 2 x bottles of flavoured syrup & set up. The two tanks on our machine have a combines volume of 24L.The number of drinks = 24L divide by your cup size.Total number of drinks with standard 200ml cup = 120Delivery fee will apply.Flavo..
Drinks Tray / Waiter's Tray
Non Slip Waiter's Trays.Diameter: 14cm...
Ice Tubs - Plastic 65L
65 Litre Ice Tub.  600mm Long, 430mm Wide & 300mm Deep.We have black or white tubs. Food Grade Plastic so they CAN be used for ice...
Ice Tub - Round Metal
Approx. 23L in volume.Ideal for chilling bottles on display...
Punch Bowl
Stainless Steel Punch Bowl approx. 11.25L volume...
Ice Bucket with Lid
2 Litre Stainless Steel Bucket with Lid...
Ice Scoop
Ice Tongs
Wine Bucket
Stainless Steel, fits 1 x bottle or wine with ice...
Wine Bucket Stand
Keeps the wine bucket at the perfect height next to the table.Wine bucket not included...
Gatorade Drink Dispenser 36L
Gatorade Drink Dispenser. Great for sports days!..
Esky - Large - 100L
100L Esky. External dimensions: 800mm Long, 480mm Tall, 470mm Wide.Yellow in colour, comes with a lid and a handy tap to drain excess water...
Esky - Extra Large 200L
200L Esky. As you can see from the image above this is larger than your average Esky and will a human (alive of coarse!)External dimensions: 970mm Long, 590mm Tall, 570mm wide...
Bottle Opener/Waiter's Friend
Removes corks from wine bottles...
Spirit Measure Hire
Double Jigger - 15/30ml...
Spirit Pourer with 30ml measure
Insert this spirit pourer into the neck of your bottle for automatic 30ml single shot measures...
Freezer - 142L
142L Chest Freezer - Requires Power.Width: 705mmHeight: 846mmDepth: 555mm  ..