Collection Information

Customer Collections and Returns:

- Standard collection times are Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am – 4pm. As our office closes at 4pm customers must arrive in advance of 4pm allowing ample time to load & unload their vehicle or they will be charged additionally to cover staff overtime.

- It is the customer/hirer’s responsibility to check that the date & all items clearly stated on the invoice/booking form are correct.

- When collecting items, the customer needs to ensure they have an appropriate vehicle to do so. To reduce the risks of any damage please ensure you have ropes/tie downs and blankets.

- Any damage to items made in transit will be taken from the customers bond at the cost to replace/repair. In the case where there is a breakage or damage on an item which exceeds the amount of the bond paid, it will be at the customers cost to repair/replace the item.

- It is the customer’s responsibility to load their vehicle upon collection and unload at the time of return. Although we are happy to help, not all our staff which are onsite are not trained to do so. If you are unable to load the vehicle yourself please ensure you bring assistance or request delivery at the time of booking (additional fees apply).