Glass  - Champagne / Champagne Flute
170ml Champagne flute...
Glass - Wine 230ml
Typically used as a white wine glass, but can be used for red wine...
Glass - Wine 310ml
This glass is more commonly used for red wine...
Glass - Dessert Wine
88ml Dessert wine glass. Suitable as Port glass, Tokay glass or Muscat glass...
Glass - Tall Highball (Nob Hill) - 311ml
311ml Tall hi-ball glass. Suitable for water, soft drink, juice & mixed drinks...
Glass - Embassy All Purpose
414ml All purpose glass. Suitable for beer, soft drink, juice, water & mixed drinks...
Glass - Double Old Fashion ( Nob Hill) - 362ml
362ml Old Fashion Spirit Glass. Whiskey glass, spirit glass, Lo ball glass...
Glass - English Highball 266ml
Typical uses; Drinks with a high proportion of mixer to alcohol. Often, cocktails with whiskey as the base ingredient are served in these glasses...
English Highball Glass - 428ml
428ml English Highball/ Collins Glass...
Glass - Double Old Fashion ( Lexington) - 370ml
370ml Old Fashion Spirit Glass. Whiskey glass, spirit glass, Lo ball glass...
Shot Glass 20ml
For a million different shot combinations. Bottoms up!..
Glass - Martini / Cocktail - 355ml
355ml Classic cocktail glass. Used for many popular cocktails including Martini, Manhattan, Brandy Alexander, Cosmopolitan, Japanese Slipper and many more!..
Glass - Margarita / Daiquiri
Also called cocktail glass. Daiquiris and Margaritas are usually served from this glass...
Glass - Poco Grande 296ml
Can be used for Pina Colada, Toblerone, Tequila Sunrise, Sangria and many other tropical beverages. ..
Glass - Beer Glass / Pilsner - 285ml
285ml Beer Glass...
Glass - Champagne Saucer / Coupe
355ml Vintage style champagne saucer. Great for 1920's themed parties... So get your Gangster or your Gatsby on!..
Glass - Premier Tumbler - 591ml
Large Tall Glass. Just under a pint at 591ml...
Glass - Hurricane Cocktail - 444ml
Often used to serve tropical cocktails although it really can be used for any long drink as an alternative to a high ball glass.Very limited quantity...
Jug - Beer Polycarbonate - 1140ml
Polycarbonate Beer Jug 1140ml...
Jug - Glass 1.3 Litre
1.3 Litre Glass Jug. Great for water, soft drinks, cocktails, juices etc. ..
Jug - Beer - Glass- 1140ml
Glass Beer Jug 1140ml...