Black Carpet - 10mProfloor - Per Square Meter

Dance Floor - Per Square Meter
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Dance Floor - Per Square Meter

Price: $20.00

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Top quality parquetry dance floor.
Must be used inside (or in a marquee) and on a solid flat surface (not grass, gravel etc).  Carpet, tiles, timber or concrete is fine.  The underside of the dancefloor is solid aluminium so laying down some protection such as towels or blankets may help to avoid scratches to the surface.  It hasn't happened before but just in case.

If used in a marquee the floor must be raised just in case it rains and water runs under the dancefloor.  Neither the top or bottom of the dancefloor can get wet, this will ruin it.  If the surface is not perfectly level then the dancefloor will not fit together.  We will not lay the dance floor if the surface isn't suitable.