Delivery & Collection

Delivery & Collection Services


Standard delivery times are Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am – 4pm. Outside of these hours there may be additional fees which will need to be advised at the time of booking. 


It is the customer/hirer’s responsibility to check that the delivery date & address clearly stated on the invoice/booking form is correct. The hirer will be charged additionally for any inconvenience incurred due to incorrect delivery address or dates where our representative may attend & is unable to complete delivery.


Quotes to include delivery & collection are based on the assumption that we have drive in, onsite access to the drop off point. Further to this items will be unloaded as per request within a reasonable distance (15-20mtrs) from the vehicle & without requiring access via stairs or lifts. . Additional charges will be applied if our drivers arrive onsite to find that access & loading does not fall within these boundaries.


All items (unless specified) do not include set up.  Our drivers are not required to set up the items hired.  You are welcome to request a quote for additional services such as set up and pack down during or before confirming your order.


Upon collection all items must to be stacked, clean and ready to go; in a secure location out of the weather. This is the customer’s responsibility. Our delivery drivers will charge additionally based on time if they are required to pull down tables & collect items from various onsite locations etc.


If no one is home at the time of delivery and no prior arrangements were made for an unoccupied delivery, the customer will be charged a second delivery fee for the driver to return.
Customer Collection and Return
 Please be advised that there are some items that we do not permit customers to collect & return. These include but are not limited to: Marquees, coolrooms, staging & parquetry dance floors. 
When collecting items, the customer needs to ensure they have an appropriate vehicle to do so. To reduce the risks of any damage please ensure you have ropes/tie downs and blankets.
Any damage to items made in transit will be taken from the customers bond at the cost to replace/repair. In the case where there is a breakage or damage on an item which exceeds the amount of the bond paid, it will be at the customers cost to repair/replace the item. 
It is the customer’s responsibility to load their vehicle upon collection and unload at the time of return.  Although we are happy to help, not all of our onsite staff are trained or able to do so. If you are unable to load the vehicle yourself please ensure you bring assistance or request delivery at the time of booking (additional fees apply).