Smoke Machine (700w)
Activated by wired remote or wireless remote. Comes with 1L of fog liquid...
Smoke Machine - Large (1600w)
A compact, lightweight high output fog machine that with DMX control to enhance any light show. Variable output control from DMX.Ideal for creating drama at your next Photo Shoot, Stage Production or Event...
Astroball - Coloured Lights (Chauvet)
The Hemisphere 5.1 is a rotating multi-coloured centerpiece light with red,,white & amber LEDs for maximum colour selection. Both user selection & auto programmed to react to music (BASS)..
Floodlight - Single (LED)
A floodlight illuminates larger areas like driveways, stages, warehouses, parking lots, or any other area that needs wide, even light coverage, go with a floodlight...
Festoon Lights - Warm White
Each string has 10 Globes with a total Length: 6.7m Spacing between lights: .7m Male Plug to first light: .35m First light to last light: 6.3m Last light to Female plug: 35cmInstallation & set up not included...
Astroball - White Lights
Disco ball effect from a unit that can be placed on a surface. It doesn't need to hang. Shoots white lights...
Package: Astroball, Smoke Machine & Laser
This package includes 1x Small Smoke Machine (700w) 1x Dortron Astroball & 1x Laser.No substitutions Install & set up not included..
4 Light Colour Bank
You can use the settings to make the lights flash in time with the music or select the speed the lights flash at...
4 Eye Moonflower Effect
Multicolored moon effect. Can be set to flash and change to the beat of the music...
Strobe Light
Floodlight - Double on pole stand (LED)
A floodlight illuminates larger areas like driveways, stages, warehouses, parking lots, or any other area that needs wide, even light coverage.Height can adjust up to 145cm..
Bubble Machine - High Output
High output bubble machine for professional use. 1.7L capacity. Bubble liquid not included but must be purchased in conjunction with bubble machine hire...
Fairy Lights - Cool White 17.5m
Can be used indoor or outdoor. 350 LED lights in total.Requires electricity. Installation not included...
Bubble Liquid 1L
Antari Professional Bubble Fluid 1L Antari BL1 1L Bubble Fluid Antari Bubble Liquid is a water-based composition that creates vivid, transparent bubbles. The liquid is colorless, odorless and non-flammable...
LED Par64 Light
Red, Blue, GreenDMX CompatibleAuto setting for music -Three operation modes: DMX, Master & Slave, Sound control-DMX Channel mode: 7CH-100% smooth dimming function & effect of each variety of strobe-Voltage: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz-LEDs: 150pcs* 10MM RGBS LEDs-Net weight: 1kgs-Dimensions: 260*260*360mm..
Chandelier Hire
Approximately 400mm diameter and 400mm from top to bottom. We supply 5 x globes rated at 40 watts each. Choose either clear globes or warm white. Connects to electricity using a 10amp power plug...
Rice Paper Light (Made from Silk)
Rice paper style light with silk  shade.Diameter: 400mm Install included (conditions apply). Power required.Not suitable for pop up marquees. Customer collection not applicable to this item...
Fluorescent Lights (LED)
Installation not included.Length: 120cm ..
Light Dimmer - Commercial
Jands 4-PAK light dimmer. Can take up to 2500 watts. Has 4 power outlets and each outlet can be dimmed separately.Installation & set up not included.Delivery not included...
Laser Effect
Great inside with a smoke machine and great outside aimed at trees. Best results when dark...
Par36 Pin Spot