Delivery Information

It is great to know that we can deliver your order to your door.  To be able to do this at a fair and reasonable cost we have to set boundaries on what a “standard delivery” involves.  Our customer also needs to be up front with informing us what we can expect on delivery.  The following points are guidelines on what we consider to be a “standard delivery"

  • Delivery and collections times are between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday (public holidays not included) Deliveries outside these times will most likely be at a higher rate.

  • Delivery and collection is based on the assumption that we will have drive in access to the drop off point.  Further to this items will be unloaded as per request within a reasonable distance of up to 20 meters from the vehicle and without requiring access to stairs or lifts.

  • If our staff are required to carry items further than 20 meters, use lifts or stairs then the customer may be charged for the additional time and effort.  Usually we won’t charge for up to 5 trips into an average house.  We can make adjustments to service charges to accommodate lengthy and labour intensive deliveries at the time of booking.  Additional charges will be applied if our drivers arrive to find that access and loading does not fall within these boundaries.

  • All items (unless specified) do not include set up.  Our drivers are not required to set up the items hired.  You are welcome to request a quote for additional services such as set up, pack down or cleaning costs before confirming your order.

  • Upon collection all items must to be stacked, clean and ready to go; in a secure location out of the weather. This is the customer’s responsibility.  We will charge additionally based on time if we are required to pull down tables & collect items from various onsite locations etc.   

  • In order to keep delivery costs to a minimum, we are unable to specific delivery and collection times.  Our drivers will call prior to arrival to advise that they are on their way.

  • You are welcome to provide us with information such as earliest time we can delivery and when you would prefer to have the delivery completed by.  We will try to accommodate your needs but there are many factors that can affect the time our drivers arrive on site.  Please provide us with a phone number that will be answered.  If you’re unable to take our call our driver will leave a message to say they are on their way.  You may be charged for an additional fee if you are not home when we arrive.

  • We can accommodate unoccupied deliveries and collection upon request providing there is a safe, secure, undercover space within 20m from where our vehicle can access.  Once unoccupied delivery is executed equipment is the responsibility of the customer. Therefore any damages or equipment missing/stolen as a result of unoccupied delivery will be repaired or replaced at the sole expense of the hirer.