Enhance your message and let us help amplify the impact that you desire. If you’re having a product launch, brand activation, conference, wedding, performance or a presentation then talk to us about your requirements. Whether your event is indoors, outdoors, daytime or night time we can help.

Our range of audio and visual equipment can help you deliver the sound you need. From small battery powered portable PA systems to high performance sound systems that are not only amazing to listen to but have the power available when needed. Let us know what you’re wanting to do and we’ll discuss your options.

For lighting and visual effects we have smoke machines, snow machines, bubble machines and big range of directional lights and special effect lighting. If you want to light an area indoors or outdoors we have festoon lights, flood lights, fluoro lights, chandeliers and more.

>Combine a smoke machine with some special effect lighting and get amazing results!  We also supply consumables such as smoke machine liquid, commercial quality bubble mix and snow machine liquid.